Introducing 3D school timetable

The problem that bothers all timetablers is how to resolve conflicts. But how to spot a conflict in a 2D timetable? How to discover that under a card there is another card or many more? The answer is simple.

The app will automatically rotate all conflicted cards in the current timetable view. Each conflicted card is slightly rotated by 15° to the left and right respectively. Also, each card has its own Z-order on Z-axis, thus creating a 3D timetable. But wait, there is more.

Screenshot of school timetable with lots of conflicted cards

All conflicted cards are smartly arranged for you. Larger and pinned cards are always at the bottom so as to avoid rotating and the active card is placed on the top. Clicking a card at the bottom brings it to the front, while other cards automatically rearrange. As always, to bring you the best timetabling experience all rearranging, rotating and moving is smoothly animated.

Screenshot of school timetable with several rotated cards

Screenshot of correct school timetable with all conflicts resolved

In the first screenshot there are conflicted cards for 7-D class and for teachers Plutarch and Darwin which are positioned above other non-conflicted surrounding cards. On the last screenshot conflicts are resolved using automatic timetable generator without a single card being rotated.

To sum things up: now you can even visually spot card conflicts. Just make sure that there are no rotated cards in the class, teacher or room view (extra views can help too). And if for some reason you don't want it, uncheck "Rotate conflicted cards" in Help -> Options.