Prime Timetable for mobile

Prime Timetable is web based school timetable software that works natively on both Mac and Windows as well as in any modern browser. Ever wondered if it could work on your mobile phone? Well, it can. We have made it accessible on any device with Internet access! In other words, now you can use your mobile phone to sign in and browse through your school timetables. Also, the teachers and students you have shared your timetable with can view it on their mobile phone.

Do you have to do anything to enable this? No. Our software will automatically detect your device and instead of full blown Prime Timetable application, a new Mobile Timetable will be shown, which is entirely built using standard web technologies accessible everywhere. Mobile Timetable enables you to browse your timetables and choose different views. Similar to how Prime Timetable works – just click on the first column to switch to single view. Mobile Timetable works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smartphones and tablets.

Here are some timetable examples that are accessible via mobile phone: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Brazil Example.

Dear timetablers, make the best of these unique timetabling features. Reach other teachers and students, seamlessly share timetables and collaborate using modern online technologies accessible everywhere. Happy mobile timetabling!