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Powerful School Scheduling Software

We LOVE this program! What a difference it has made in our school and for all our teachers who struggled with scheduling. I highly recommend it!

John Fruner, Principal
St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, United States

I must tell you that I recently switched to your program and it is much more powerful than what I was using. I will be recommending your product to my colleagues.

Dean Rootsaert, Assistant Principal
St Francis Xavier High School, Canada

First, let me say thank you for this program. It has been a lifesaver as we explore the various schedule options available for our K-9 school.

Winnie Barnes, Director of Learning Initiatives
The Allen-Stevenson School, NY

I am a big fan of the software and plan to use it when running training sessions for other members of staff who want to learn the art of timetabling

Scott Moore, Director of Studies
King's College International School, Bangkok

Your Success Stories
Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. It has definitely made the life of this timetabler easier. The user interface is beautifully simple and intuitive to use.

Gudmundur Jonsson, Director of Studies
Wellington College International, China

Everyone was impressed with our new scheduling system and it definitely helped the day run smoother!

Jenny Ludmer
United States

I am finding Prime Timetable easier to use than our previous programme and much more intuitive.

Derek Cassells, Head
Maharishi School, United Kingdom

The software is brilliant! I am enjoying using it immensely!

Jess Osborne, Teacher
Bruern Abbey School, United Kingdom

I like your tool very much and actually it is the only one that allows us to schedule all these complex lesson arrangements due to covid pandemic.

Rokas Balčiūnas, Assistant Principal
Erudito licėjus, Lithuania

Great program! I have been using it all year and it has made a big difference in our school in terms of scheduling. So much so that my administration can't stop tinkering with the schedule because they now think it's so EASY!

Christian Sanchez, Technology Coordinator
Maria Teresa Mirabal Middle School, New York

I am enjoying using the program. It is definitely easier in many ways than trying to juggle everything on an Excel sheet.

Lisa Gunton-Bunn, Director
Green Life Acadamy, Costa Rica

I find Prime Timetable has an easy interface to use. In fact it seems to make timetabling enjoyable - so different from the windows database environment.

Jun Vasquez, Teacher
Carmel Adventist College, Australia

You will be getting more principals subscribing as I have been saying great things about the program.

Carmelina Shim, Assistant Principal
JJ Bowlen Junior High School, Canada

I am having so much fun with this software and have made a request to my headmaster to purchase the product. It is helping me enormously.

Helen Smith, Lecturer
Durack Institute of Technology, Australia

I had been using your product for preparing timetable, it is so helpful and minimizes much of my time in preparing the same. Previously, due to the difficulty in preparing timetable manually, I used the same timetable throughout the year without changing. Now I am able to make immediate change in few minutes.

Lim Mate, Teacher
Ideal High School, India

We highly recommend Prime Timetable. We searched for a long time to find the right timetabling solution for our school - one that would be intuitive, easy to play with, flexible and well-designed. We have been hooked on Prime Timetable for the last 3 years and not only has it been a pleasure to use, but the customer support has been amazing. Thank you for a great and accessible product.

Tess Rayner
Akasha SA, South Africa

What a lifesaver the program has been for me! I'm working on it almost on a daily basis and would've gone crazy if I didn't have this program this summer.

Chantal Grandchamps, Principal
NYC Department of Education

I have really enjoyed using your product. Out of the ones I have tried, yours is by far the most user friendly and clear to use.

James Hadfield, Director of Studies
Mowden Hall School, United Kingdom

This is so much more user friendly than the other scheduling software that we have come across.

Tony Potts, MYP Design Teacher & Tech Integration Specialist
American International School of Lusaka, Zambia

I am really enjoying working with your software and appreciate the super fast response.

Robert Northcutt, Secondary Head
Fukuoka International School, Japan

120+ Countries, 100% Web Based, 30-Day Free Trial

  • Schedule on Mac, PC, Linux, tablet and phone
  • Suitable for all kinds of educational organizations
  • Flexible, intuitive and enjoyable to use
  • Need help? 10+ video tutorials got you covered

Get Your Schedules Done Easily

  • Import data effortlessly with copy/paste
  • Schedule multiple weeks at flexible times
  • Drag cards in both master and individual views
  • Avoid conflicts using extra views
  • Divide classes into groups for electives
  • Receive notifications on your progress

State-of-the-Art Automatic Timetable Generator

  • Crafted over 35 years to tackle the most challenging constraints
  • Save weeks of hard mind bending work
  • Pin cards you don't want to be moved by the generator
  • Mark forbidden slots (e.g. for part-time teachers)
  • Distribute subjects evenly across the week/class
  • Optimize teacher/student load, gaps, room usage, building moves...
  • Find optimal solutions even in "mission impossible" cases

Share, Collaborate, Publish and Enjoy

  • Access timetables from any device for students and teachers
  • Personalize timetables with 10+ available skins
  • Add school logo, customize fonts and styles
  • Print master and individual timetables
  • Export to various formats and apps
  • Undo/redo any action if a mistake is made
  • Timetables are safe, backed up every 24 hours

Need support with your schedule?

I just purchased the program and a major reason was the excellent support you provided as I learned how to use Prime Timetable.

Bruce Harlan, Principal,
St. Matthew's Parish School, United States

It has always been a thing I've been telling everyone who wants to hear about your precious support. As a matter a fact, I gave an instruction about Prime Timetable for all schools which are in my group in the city. Hope you gained some new customers.

Wim Lasoen,
Director of the MUDA institute for Music and Dance, Belgium

Your stellar customer service and support is among one of the top reasons I chose your software to be our school's new scheduling program.

Sinéad Hennessy,
The Brooklyn Waldorf School, United States

I have to say that I am impressed with the way you handle your customer relations. Coming from a lecturer, who happens to be teaching a variety of Marketing-related courses, you should take that as a big compliment.

Can Karaosmanoglu,
Yaşar University, Turkey

Step 1. Choose a Plan


For evaluation purposes

  • Web app for all devices
  • Premium support
  • 30-day trial period


Small & medium schools

  • Web app for all devices
  • Premium support
  • Up to 40 teachers


Larger & campus schools

  • Web app for all devices
  • Premium support
  • Up to 100 teachers