Single class, teacher, room and subject timetable view

Master timetable view shows all classes, teachers, rooms or subjects in one place. Individual or single timetable view shows only one class, teacher, room or subject. To switch to single timetable view, you need to select a view (class, teacher, room or subject) by clicking view indicator icon View indicator icon and then click on the first column in the desired timetable row.

To revert to entire timetable view, press Esc key or select entire view by clicking view indicator icon.

Once you are in single timetable view you can still use all functionalities just like in entire view. That means you can drag & drop (undo/redo), use pin to pin/unpin, sponge to remove cards, or use zoom in and zoom out. In order to select other (single) timetable views, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Switch to previous/next entire or single view - [Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down arrow]
  • Switch to first/last entire or single view – [Ctrl + Alt + Home/End]

To print single timetable view use browser's print button or select Print in main menu. Also, you can export single timetable view to Html or Jpeg document by choosing "Owl > Save as".

Below is a screenshot of single class timetable view:

Class school timetable screenshot

individual class/grade timetable screenshot