Download Prime Timetable 10x faster

Prime Timetable is an online school timetable software which implies that the time it takes to download software is crucial for application performances and for general timetabling experience. To optimize download time we have focused on what is the most important for teachers and students: to display timetable first and then download the rest. Therefore, Prime Timetable is divided into two major parts: Viewer which is downloaded first, and a Maker downloaded later.

Download and view timetable 10x faster

The major benefit for the teachers and students is that the timetable is downloaded and displayed 10 times faster! The Viewer takes only 250KB which is just a fraction of what it takes to open Facebook, Gmail or Hotmail. It takes only 1-2 seconds on average Internet connection to download Prime Timetable Viewer.

Prime Timetable Viewer

The Viewer loads and displays the timetable. It shows the title and animated timetable cards. View indicator View indicator icon lets you choose different master timetable views and if there are any conflicts those cards will be rotated. In general, the Viewer is all you need to look into various timetable views and while you are at it, in the background, the Maker is downloading and the progress is displayed in the upper left corner.

Prime Timetable Maker

The Maker is responsible for all other scheduling work: managing school data, automatic school timetable generator, instant timetable validation, extra views, print, drag & drop cards, etc. When the Maker is downloaded, the menu and all other timetabling tools appear and you can start working with them.

Once our software is started for the first time, both the Viewer and the Maker are cached by the browser, so the next time you open Prime Timetable it happens instantly - without any download at all! Even previously opened timetables are cached and immediately opened.

We have really tried to bring you the best downloading performances and are looking forward to your feedback. Hope you will enjoy instant timetable viewing as much as we have enjoyed making it!