Good old board improves school timetabling

Welcome aboard, exciting times for timetabling! There are some great improvements that we would like to share with you. In the upcoming version of Prime Timetable we are introducing a new visual element – good old school board which should replace the ribbon. Instead of ribbon, there is only a board with the owl in the top left corner. Clicking the owl brings main menu, while other timetabling tools are placed around the board frame and are instantly available.

Previous ribbon design had around 30 options for clicking on startup screen, which made software too complicated for timetablers. With new design the number of options is reduced by half making it clearer and easier to use.

Furthermore, by maximizing timetabling space, timetables are easy to use even on the netbook.

School timetable software screenshot using school board
Screenshot using school board

9/11/2010  preview, redesign