Lessons without teacher or class

In the new Prime Timetable 6.0 it is possible to enter lessons without teacher and/or class. For instance, now you can add "Teachers' meeting" as a lesson without specifying the class, or you can add "Break" for a specific class without setting the teacher.

A lesson without a teacher will not be visible in the master teacher view, whereas a lesson without a class will not be visible in the class view. If there is a card which should display the class and there is no specified class, that card will have no text and will be in gray.

The only requirement for adding a lesson is to set its subject (activity). Teacher(s), class(es) and room(s) are optional.

In the previous version when a lesson is created without specifying the teacher or class, the application added what we called "fake" teacher or "fake" class. Since this was confusing it is now completely removed and automatic timetable generator has been updated to "understand" these types of lessons.