Groundbreaking! School scheduling software - smartphone demo (VIDEO)

Dear timetablers,

Take a couple of minutes to watch this groundbreaking video completely shot using only a pocket sized smartphone.

School scheduling software screenshot from video

Danijel Stulic, Prime Timetable co-founder shows generating and managing the whole school schedule using his pocket sized smartphone

Prime Timetable for Mac, PC, tablet, phablet, smartphone...

The video speaks for itself. Prime Timetable is available on Mac, PC, tablet, phablet, smartphone, on iOS, Android/Linux, Windows Phone OS... and most probably on any future device. Well, any device which supports web standards. From the largest desktop monitors to the smallest phone screens, portrait or landscape orientation, from mouse and keyboard as input to finger touch and pen, Prime Timetable is accessible whenever, wherever.

And now excuse us for a moment, we are going to have a big pint of beer and celebrate :). Cheers! Stay tuned and enjoy school scheduling like never before!