Preview new version of Prime Timetable

In the recent version of Prime Timetable we have added Preview new version option in main menu. Clicking it your current timetable will be opened in the upcoming Prime Timetable 2.0.

Here is the short list of what's new in Prime Timetable 2.0:

  • Instead of ribbon, there is only a school board with instantly available tools on board frame leaving more space for your timetables.
  • There is a new optimized menu when you click the owl in the top left corner.
  • New interactive board tools: Pin, Sponge and Zoom which make timetabling more fun.
  • New Help -> Options where you can configure application as best suits your needs.
  • User interface is redesigned and more natural with curved lines and nature associations (e.g. form background looks like a piece of paper).
  • There are lots of animations which make application smoother.
  • Performances are increased. For instance, timetable view is rendered much faster in larger timetables.

All these changes make timetabling faster, easier and more fun.

9/18/2010  preview, redesign