Share school timetable with others

Ok, so you've created a school account and would like to share it with other timetablers, teachers, colleagues, etc. Prime Timetable makes sharing school account easy. Just choose Owl > Share > Share with others to manage users who have access to timetables. In order to share timetables with teachers, colleagues, or someone else you need to enter their email and password, select privileges, and optionally enter first and last names. After sign-in, the newly created user can change their profile using Owl > Profile.

The following privileges are available:

  • Owner
  • Creator
  • Viewer

Timetable owner

Timetable owner is any user who first created the school account. The owner has the highest privileges, which include managing users. For instance, the owner can add or remove other timetable owners, creators or viewers.

Timetable creator

Timetable creator can create and change school timetables but can't manage other users.

Timetable viewer

Timetable viewer can view school timetables and is not allowed to save any changes.

Sharing timetable with others along with timetable collaboration in real-time and publish to the web, offers unique capabilities for sharing and collaborating on your school timetables. Hope you will enjoy them. Happy timetable sharing!

Share timetable - publish to the Web

So, you've created your timetable and would like others to see it. Prime Timetable makes sharing easy: just choose ‘Share -> Publish to the Web' and click Publish to the Web button, and voila! Your timetable will be visible to anyone you've shared the link with. Published web page will be accessible by any Internet device, so that people you share with can access the timetable even from their mobile phone.

To configure the published page, set a default view and whether visitor can switch timetable view. Now you can copy the provided link or visit the published web page.

You needn't worry about any subsequent changes to the published timetable. The published web page will be automatically updated when the timetable is saved. Furthermore, the published web page will refresh within minutes to make sure the latest timetable version is delivered to all.

If you want to stop publishing timetable, just click Unpublish button and your timetable will not be visible to others.

Here are some online examples of published timetables: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example Brazil, Example Egypt, etc. As always, you can click on the first column to open single timetable view.